The Feast-Day 0f Holy Andrew the First -Called 30 November 2020

Let us be mindful of the example that Holy Andrew, brother of Holy Peter, lay before us who hope and trust in the Name of the Lord. With his heart ablaze with the passion and fire of the Holy Spirit, Andrew traveled and proclaimed the new covenant with such conviction that even the very families of those who murdered him to resist the Holy Gospel were in awe of his straight and true teaching, compassionate resolve, and the unearthly wonders he worked. As Holy Andrew walked blamelessly and fearlessly with the Lord, the Holy Presence remained with him through his final hour and continued to anoint his works after he was laid to rest and repose in the Lord, raining power and success on Holy Andrew’s missions. Let us draw instruction and courage from Holy Andrew’s example. Let us glorify God as we behold, in Holy Andrew’s account, the fulfillment of the Lord’s promise: He made of the fisherman a fisher of men. Let us take comfort that the faithful and Holy Andrew the First Called, who rests in the Lord, prays for us, Christ’s faithful, forever and in venerable grace he maintains the Lord’s favorable ear. Let us give thanks to the Lord for His favor to His First Called, and by Holy Andrew’s example let us adore, praise, worship and obey the Most High in the Law of Christ, the Law of Love. The Feast-Day of Holy Andrew the First-Called is the Anniversary of the Founding of the Patriarchate of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom and the establishment of the Holy Synod.

~ Mor Clement

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