Assisting the Kingdom

The Holy Synod, through it’s various projects, such as The Order of Saint Moses the Black, and the Ecclesiastical Order of the Eteku, as well as the Silver Jubilee Medal of Honor and the Saint Raphael the Archangel Patriarchal Medal of Honor, in conjunction with the Office of the President of the Association of the Representatives of Kingdom Bunyoro-Kitara, intends to assist the Kingdom and it’s 2.1 million citizens with various Kingdom Development and Enhancement Projects.

Some of the ideas for projects will be Cultural, such as the protection and Renovation of Historical Sites, and well as the Preservation of Royal Music and Dance, while others while be focused on the improvement of the healthcare of all citizens, but most especially children, women, expectant mothers and newborns.

Also, assisting students with moving forward in a positive fashion with their educations; especially directing students towards careers in technology.

This section is under construction and will be undergoing steady improvement.

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