His Excellency Sune Schønnemann, CCK, SPC of Denmark,

Received 25 October 2020

Sune Schønnemann have been a member of the Association of the Representatives of the Kingdom Bunyoro Kitara since 2010 and before that he have been a long standing member of the Lazarus Union, where he served several terms on the advisory board.

Sune Schønnemann is also a long serving volunteer firefighter, having served since 2005, in a verying number of functions, including international deployments. He currently serves as a firefighter-lieutenant in his local community.

Sune Schønnemann have received a multitude of awards for his service, such as the Danish Civil Defense Cross of Honour, the Swedish Civil Defense Medal of Merit and he is a Commander of the The Most Honourable Order of Omukama Chwa II. Kabalega.

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